Meeko & Sophie

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Hi, I'm looking for someone to walk my 8 month old dog Meeko on a regular base on either Fridays or Thursdays while me and my boyfriend are at work (so during the day). Meeko is a very pretty rescue dog from Bulgaria who we adopted this april and looks (and acts) like a little fox/wolf. He loves to run and play with other dogs and run after birds, inside he's really cuddly and playfull. While he loves to play with other dogs and animals he's still getting used to other people and can be a bit shy. However, this is getting better and better! We absolutely love him and are sure you will too! We live right in between of Vondelpark and Rebrandt park so that's super easy. I cant imagine you not being excited about this little boy. Please let me know if you can help us. kan direct reageren
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Wilt extra snel contact: Ja, om samen de hond uit te laten
Over Meeko
Ras: mix (husky/shepherd)
Geslacht: reu (m)
Formaat: Middelgrote hond (10kg. - 25kg.)
Heeft behoefte aan Korte wandelingen, lange wandelingen
Gedrag: Gemakkelijke hond (relaxt)
Gaat samen met kinderen: nee
Gaat samen met katten: ja
Gaat samen met andere honden: ja
Gecastreerd/gesteriliseerd: ja
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